Sunday, August 14, 2016

Journey in spacetime 2

Senior consultant: Hi Kevin. Happy new year.

Junior consultant: Hi Chris. Happy new year. Sorry I missed your call. I was at the movies.

Senior consultant: Hey, not a problem. I was ringing to see if you had joined the Shoulder and Elbow Society.

Junior consultant: Um. No. Not yet. It’s on my to do list... Sorry it’s a bit noisy in here.

Senior consultant: That’s fine. What were you watching?

Junior consultant: Um… I saw Big Hero 6. (Disney Studio’s manipulation of a Marvel Comics creation designed to capture a market too young to fully appreciate the magnificent Avengers series and their dystopic universe and, despite the grating tearjerkers and predictable storyline, it was entertaining enough and points a malleable mind in a useful direction which is certainly a darn sight better than that disgraceful “Frozen” movie the popularity of which suggests that people in privileged societies don’t give a damn that their daughters entrench the belief they are born princesses even if the rest of the world doesn’t recognise it and that such entitlement - given that women are secretly in charge of everything - marks the downfall of Western economies and thereby the downfall of Western thinking and ideology...)

Senior consultant: ...

Junior consultant: It actually wasn’t too bad. I rather enjoyed it. It’s a kids movie...

Senior consultant: ...

Junior consultant: I like animation.

Senior consultant: Yeah, that reminds me. I was going to see a movie with my daughter this morning but she slept in. I guess we’ll go this afternoon...

Junior consultant: Yeah. It’s pretty hot today. There are lots of people at the movies. 

Senior consultant: I don’t think it’s that hard to join the Shoulder and Elbow Society. You are in the Hand Society aren’t you?

Junior consultant: Yes.

Senior consultant: Well you should apply to join the Shoulder and Elbow Society. You can use me as a referee if you like. That’s if you want to.

Junior consultant: Thanks Chris. I really appreciate your support.

Senior consultant: Not a problem…

I don’t ever want to grow up. I once had plans on becoming an artist. Or failing that an animator, or an architect, or a puppeteer. Serious. I transcribed this conversation last year (Jan 2015) because it felt somehow surreal. Today my application to join the Shoulder and Elbow Society was accepted. 

Status quo is not a default option. It never really was. And it will never be.

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