Sunday, April 15, 2018

Walls of Jerusalem NP (12-14 April)

Trappers Hut

The West Wall

Cold, wet, and windy

Dixons Kingdom

Campsite on the morning of a splendid day of sunshine

Top of Mt Jerusalem

Solomon’s Throne

Lake Ball

Turning of the fagus (Nothofagus gunnii)

Setting up camp before a thunderstorm

Windy morning and the campsite survived!

Anthony brings out the hot chocolate

Windy and raining on the walk out


12 April (mostly wind, rain and fog) - walk from carpark to Dixons Kingdom passing through Solomons Jewels and Pool of Bethesda. It’s a 500m elevation at the start to get to the plateau.

Rains all night.

13 April (clear skies in the morning with clouds & light rain in the evening) - day walk up Mount Jerusalem and King Solomon’s Throne then pack up and head South to Lake Ball along animal tracks keeping to the edge of the forest (which lies to the West). Track resumes at a rock cairn within sight of Lake Ball. An unmarked campsite on a rock platform is located before the descent to Lake Adelaide.

Thunderstorm at night. Rock platform might not be boggy but is somewhat exposed.

14 April (strong winds and heavy rain) - walk out to carpark.

Dinner 14/4 - Stillwater, Launceston
Breakfast 15/4 - Seven Monks, Launceston
Album - May Your Kindness Remain by Courtney Marie Andrews

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