Saturday, August 1, 2015


What is this thing called pain?

Child, it is what happens when you touch a hot kettle or prick your finger.
It burns and it stings.
It makes you draw away.
For it is your body telling you that it is hurt and you must stop what you are doing.
Or go someplace else.
Acknowledge it.
But spare attention for other matters.
And, with time, it will go away.  

Sometimes pain leaves a wound.
Tend to it.
And it should heal.
Some scars will not be easily forgotten.

Pain is something only you can experience.
You can never truly share it.
Yet do not hide from it.
You may choose to embrace it.
Or not.
But value it for what it is.
For it is the trough between the waves of things we find pleasurable.
Without it we would be lost in a sea so still.
So silent.
And never-ending.

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